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The web site for making on-line deposits to inmate accounts is:


Family members will need a valid email address to set up an account.  You will be asked for the email address and you will be sent an email with a link to verify the creation of the account. After the email link is clicked and the account is verified, you will login and be prompted to pick a state from the drop down box (Virginia) then pick our facility name (Western VA Regional Jail) and an inmate name or ID number to search.



Business Hours:  Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Excluding holidays)

Cash, money orders, cashier's checks or checks from other correctional facilities will be accepted through
the postal system or in person.

If money is delivered in person to the WVRJ, a secure money lockbox and envelopes are available in the lobby.
Please ensure that all information requested on the envelope is completed. Money can also be placed onto an inmate's account through the ATM located in the lobby. Funds deposited through the ATM are credited to the inmate account immediately. ****There is a fee for cash deposits ($2.50) and credit card deposits (10% of amount deposited or $2.50 - whichever amount is greater)

Any currency an inmate brings into the jail will be credited to his/her inmate account to pay debts and purchase commissary items.

Certified checks and money orders must be made payable to the Western Virginia Regional Jail Inmate Account. 

Personal checks will not be accepted by the jail.

Money received will be placed on the inmate's account and a receipt will be issued.

The following is an example of how mail with money should be addressed:

Sender's Name                                                          
Sender's Full Address

Inmate's Name
c/o Western Virginia Regional Jail
5885 West River Road
Salem, Virginia 24153 

  • Funds left in the drop box in the lobby or received in the mail will be posted the next business day during business hours.
  • Funds left in the drop box or received in the mail on weekends will be posted on Monday during business hours.  (If a holiday falls on Monday, funds will be posted the next business day.)
  • Funds left in the drop box on holidays will be posted during business hours the next business day.
  • Please plan accordingly to ensure funds are available for commissary purchases.

    Monday commissary – funds must be received by Thursday
    Wednesday commissary – funds must be received by Monday

    (Holiday weeks will differ)





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Accepted items will be received in the lobby:

Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM-12:00PM AND 1:00PM-3:00PM

Medically necessary items will be accepted at any time

Approved property items are as follows: 

  • A plain wedding band (no raised stones)
  • One religious medallion (must be appropriate size)
  • medical alert bracelet or necklace
  • approved medications and eye wear
  • personal funds
  • approved commissary items from a transferring jail
  • legal materials

Visitors may bring pre-approved items for inmates including:
medical items (inmate must submit request slip for approval through the Medical Section);
one set of Court clothes (for Circuit Court only);
pre-approved legal materials and religious material in reasonable quantities;
and anything specifically pre-approved by the Jail Administration. 
Visitors may not bring inmates stamps, photographs, cards, magazines, etc. 
Magazines, newspapers & books must be sent directly from the publisher, and must be specifically addressed to an inmate.